Allison Dechant is a competitive FEI dressage rider and trainer, located in Basalt and Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Allison has competed on numerous horses in varied equestrian disciplines, including jumpers and western pleasure, ultimately finding her life's passion in dressage. Many of the horses have been trained from the ground up by Allison, including her personal horse, Regulus 24. Regulus, a Hanoverian gelding she purchased in 2002 and began showing at 1st level suceeded in gaining scores in the 70’s at Intermediare I. Regulus and Allison were the Region V Intermediare Champions in 2012, and ranked in the top 15 nationally in 2013. She has received many horse of the year awards at both the regional and national levels on numerous horses.

Over the years she has worked with many international competitors including Bent Jensen, Jos Severiens, Lars Peterson, and Steffen Peters. Through her education, Allison has come to believe that it is through quiet repetition that a horse and rider reach a common understanding.

Allison loves to work with riders and horses of all levels, and has experience teaching children and amateurs, following them through every aspect of the “dressage” experience, from first lessons, to purchasing a horse, and ultimately to competition.